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Your Needs as a Player

Selecting a builder and ordering a custom-built guitar represents a significant investment towards your musical life.  Although a little scary at first, the experience should be as enjoyable as it is exciting.  As a builder, the process of getting to know the player and his or her needs is an important and inspiring step towards creating a one-of-a-kind instrument.  Regardless of whether we are discussing the possibility of a future custom order or nailing down the specifics of your preferred neck profile, I welcome the chance to talk to you by phone or correspond by email.  I encourage your input on preferred dimensions, materials, and sonic and aesthetic qualities, and I am more than happy to provide recommendations that will best suit your needs.  There are several ways to customize your instrument, and the Specifications and Options page serves as a departure point for the process.
Placing an Order

The base price is $9,000 for a double top or solid top guitar.

The current delivery date for new orders is 2023. Every year I build at least one guitar for immediate sale at the Guitar Foundation of America convention.

The Specifications and Options page outlines the standard appointments included with the base price, as well as optional upgrades from which you can choose.

Once we have determined the details of your instrument, I will provide you with a specifications list and an estimated price.  Upon receipt of a $400 non-refundable deposit, you will be placed on the waiting list; your price will be locked, and you will be given an estimated delivery date.  Changes to the specifications are welcomed prior to the start of construction.  To start construction, a refundable deposit equal to 25% of the total cost is required.  For highly customized work or materials, an additional non-refundable amount may be required at this time.  
Receiving Your Guitar

Your instrument will be shipped upon payment of the balance plus insured shipping costs and state sales tax (if applicable). Once received, you may return the instrument within seven days for a refund minus non-refundable deposit(s), shipping costs, and costs for repairs, in the event you have caused damage to the instrument.

Your guitar is guaranteed for 10 years to be free of defects due to materials or workmanship, as long as the instrument has been stored and handled with proper care, and you are the original owner. Defects will be repaired by me at no cost.  Repairs or modifications done by persons not authorized by me will void the warranty.