486 mm
366 mm
280 mm
236 mm
100 mm
650 mm
  52 mm

My classical guitars combine traditional and contemporary design features to create a rich, resonant, and highly responsive instrument with considerable presence suitable for many playing styles and performance situations.  The trebles are clear and penetrating, and are evenly balanced with full and articulate basses.  Excellent projection and sustain, a large tonal palette, and superior playability and intonation are hallmarks of these guitars.  The elevated fingerboard option available at no additional cost allows easy access to higher positions and promotes solidity of the corresponding notes.  The adjustable-action neck allows the player to fine-tune the action quickly and precisely.

Soundboard: European spruce, Western red
    cedar, or double top                               
Back and sides:  East Indian rosewood,       cocobolo rosewood, or maple
Neck:  Adjustable-action with carbon fiber
Fingerboard:  Ebony
Bridge:  Madagascar rosewood with 12-hole tie
Head plate:  Madagascar rosewood or ebony
Binding:  Choice of ebony, cocobolo, or East
    Indian rosewood
Purfling:  Three-line wood
Rosette: "Helix" motif
Tuners: Gotoh premium with friction resistant rollers and ebony buttons
Case:  Bam Hightech

Body length:
Lower bout width:
Upper bout width:
Waist width:  
Maximum body depth: 
Scale length:
Width at nut:


Many material and structural options are available to customize your instrument.  Click here to go to the Options Page
In addition to traditional spruce or cedar soundboards, my guitars are available with double top soundboards.  My double tops utilize an ultra-light Nomex honeycomb core, and can be built with any inner/outer soundboard combination of spruce and cedar. I have also been using a perforated wood core cut by robotics with great success. The double top guitars are magnified in responsiveness, particularly to the right hand, enhancing the typical dynamic range, speed of response, string-to-string evenness, and clarity and focus of notes in the highest positions.  My double top guitars are the result of a considerable research and development effort to achieve an instrument which possesses enhanced responsiveness, but which does not sacrifice traditional tonal qualities.