You and I share a common passion for the guitar. We are drawn to its engaging and beautiful voice, intimate response to our touch, and the visual allure of its wood and form.  My mission as a builder is to craft unique, world-class concert guitars that respond to your every musical expression.
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Standard Feature: Adjustable-Action Neck
      With a quick and smooth turn of the key, you can fine-tune the action of your guitar without loss of tonal quality, power, or  intonation.  Each half-turn of the key changes the action height at the 12th fret by 0.5 mm.  No more need for credit card shims or appointments with luthiers!  Since 2010, the response to this feature has been so enthusiastic, it is now a standard feature.
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June 21, 2016:
    Lecture/demonstration: "How Luthiers Optimize Sound"
    Guitar Foundation of America Convention
    Denver, CO
      Podcast interview from Classical Guitar Insider. Gary tells guitarist Bret Williams how he got started in lutherie, what it's like to build guitars in the New York City area, a little about how guitars work, and the kind of guitars he builds. Recorded October 2013 and available free on iTunes. Go to episode 18, but also check out all the other interesting interviews of classical guitar personalities. Interview starts at 14:45.
Interview from Soundboard Magazine, the publication of the Guitar Foundation of America
   January 15, 2016, New York City
   New York City Classical Guitar Society
Celil Refik Kaya
   March 16, 2016, New York City
   New York City Classical Guitar Society Salon Series
October 1, 2015
    Presentation: Confessions of a Luthier
    New York City Classical Guitar Society
    New York City
   February 26, 2016, Miami, FL
   Miami International GuitART Festival
   October 24, 2015, Chestsertown, MD
   Washington College Concert Series
Benjamin Verdery
June 20-25, 2016:
    Vendor Exhibition and Luthiers Showcase
    Guitar Foundation of America Convention
    Denver, CO